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About Barefoot Luxury

With 30 villas in total Barefoot Luxury wants you to experience true luxury. Luxury is about the feeling you get upon seeing an unspoilt beach against a backdrop of gorgeous mountains. Being able to set aside all responsibilities and feel the unique and refreshing freedom you have reached.


Devotal is the company behind Barefoot Luxury. Jan Louis Talboom, Serge Hannecart and Jaap Rosen Jacobson are the shareholders of Devotal and the founders, inspirers, investors, driving forces and promotors of the project. All three shareholders have proven their knowledge and experience in constructing over the years.

It was Jan Talboom who found the land in 2012 by accidently flying over by plane. He found in Serge and Jaap the ideal partners to develop the project Barefoot Luxury. Jan Talboom is the former CEO of Talboom Group, a study bureau active on the Belgian market. Talboom Group has 120 employees divided over 4 different departments: Pharmachem, architectural and industrial buildings, infrastructure and environment/energy.

Serge Hannecart is a household name in the Belgian real estate scene. He has been building and developing exciting residential and commercial plots for over 30 years. Serge is driven by beauty and has an eye for every detail.

Consequently conceiving and designing innovative concepts is his motivation to turn his job into his passion. LIFEWORLD is the holding company of Serge Hannecart. With LIFEWORLD, Serge uses his experience to invest in and manage several real estate companies, both residential and commercial real estate. More information on Serge Hannecart can be found on www.lifeworld.be .

Jaap Rosen Jacobson has been active since 1984 in private investments. He set up Panta Holdings B.V. as a private equity investment vehicle through which he has continued to make investments in a variety of companies active in sectors ranging from aviation, aerospace, real estate, hospitality and energy.

Meet Our


To create and commercialize these beautiful villas, we hired a team of specialists that we would like to introduce to you.

Devotal appointed POLO Architects to design and construct the project. POLO Architects was founded in 1991 by Mauro Poponcini & Patrick Lootens. Today, the design-focused practice with expertise in urbanism, architecture, interior design and research consists of a dedicated team of over 100 highly skilled, multidisciplinary professionals working in Antwerp and Brussels based studios on assignments throughout Belgium and beyond. www.polo-architects.be

To be able to sell the villas, Devotal works together with Stef & Solano. These two real estate specialists with 25 years of experience were the first owners of a villa in the Barefoot Luxury project and know everything about the villas and the island itself. They would be delighted to tell you everything they know. You can contact them by filling out the contact form.

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